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Weakest. Comeback. Ever.

22 December 2010


There are a few reasons why I’m returning to my visual culture blog “Atama Ga Warui.” I figure I should bore my trickling viewership with the details since it’s been a year and a half since I’ve bothered to even look at this place.

Fact of the matter is this: I gave up. On this blog. On other things & people. Without a single word to anyone. Not because I stopped being an anime otaku, but because I had to find my way again – in life, goals, and love. I’ve managed to hit 2 of 3, while the latter remains as uncertain as ever.

Only recently did I remember that I used to agonize over what to blog about in the hopes that someone would find my musings worth time to read, let alone share it with their comrades. Coming in contact with Seanver via Twitter, who has only been blogging for the span of a year, indirectly turned me on to the idea of anime blogging again. Not only meeting him, but his circle of comrades as well, also revitalized the passion of what it means to be involved, relevant, and engaged in the overarching otaku communal conversation. In addition to recently obtaining some desired reading material coupled with my admiration for Danny Choo‘s excellent adventure has also gradually cultivated the desire to simply share.

The irony of this comeback was that the moment I decided this, I began planning yet another strategy/purpose to tack onto this blog’s existing one.

And then, I just didn’t care anymore. About the strategy. The end goal. How to convert readers into commentators. Even how this blog might somehow earn me the right to be included among the otaku I’ve only recently encountered on Twitter. Nothing. I just wanted to share.

So, I’m simply starting. Again.

That is my mindset as I type this out completely off-the-cuff. Whether this blog takes off or falls flat on its face again, I really don’t give two shits. I’ll blog when I feel like sharing something. I’ll put it out there, and either people will click or not. That’s their right to choose. Far be it from me to set any expectations on a community that I currently have no voice in among people who don’t care about me at all.

I’ll end with this.

There’s a ton of anime review blogs out there. “Atama Ga Warui” never wanted to be like them. Yes, I may share my opinions, but I [still] have no intention of being “yet another anime review blog” just to blend with the popular crowd. Just like I do with voice acting, I’ll have my own “sound” to add to the noise.

I have my work cut out for me, making changes around here and adding content little by little. And maybe, just maybe, this time will be different. Stick around and see what happens if you like.

Review: Hatsukoi Limited

08 July 2009


I just watched the twelfth and final episode of Hatsukoi Limited. This is one of the few recent school life love anime that I have been truly satisfied with the ending. All the characters had their own struggles, idiosyncrasies, and doubts to overcome. Many of the characters were also connected in some way to each other. All of them came to terms with themselves and their first loves. The best aspect that I think made this such a wonderful experience for me was that there was no main protagonist, and the antagonist was within themselves. Taking these kinds of approaches to this series is what made it addictive, relatable, and fun to watch.
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Basquash! Amazing, yet subtle

06 July 2009

I am loving Basquash! a lot right now. It’s actually one of my top Spring anime that I’m legitimately following closely. Despite the obvious Nike advertising, similar to Code Geass’s less-than-subtle Pizza Hut advertising/sponsoring, Basquash does it in a way that doesn’t make you say “Oh it’s a walking Nike ad”. Personally, the integration doesn’t seem nearly as awkward as C.C. having a string of cheese connecting her mouth to the pizza.
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Anime Episode Review: ToraDora Ep. 1

03 October 2008


Ryuuji Takasu is entering his second year of high school. Having inherited the sharp look of a delinquent from his father, his hungover mother (Yasuko) praises him, but he despises being compared to him. After finding out he is in the same class with his friend, Kitamura, and manages through a staggered conversation with his crush, Minori Kushieda, he encounters a chibi-sized girl with a ferocious attitude known to all at school as the “Palmtop Tiger.” Taiga Aisaka violently makes her way into Ryuuji’s life, getting him caught up in her own klutziness in a way he could never imagine. However, in the midst of his own family issues, Ryuuji acknowledges Taiga’s own shortcomings, though one would hardly call his new situation fortunate.


I found this intro episode to be not only hilarious, but catered nicely to my otaku side. The one thing I like about this series already is that it didn’t try to hook you in with some over-the-top scenario. The character interaction is just right to do that all on its own. Exactly how I like my anime.

JC STAFF is handling the animation for this one, so I can definitely tell the animators had plenty of fun with Taiga’s Shana-like personality. For crying out loud, Taiga even attacks Ryuuji the same way Shana attacked Sakai! On top of it all, they even got Rie Kugimiya (Taiga/Shana’s VA) to do Shana’s famous “Urusai (x3)” [Taiga only does it x2] and Yui Horie (Minori/Kanon [2006]‘s Ayu) in on this!

Now for an equation of pure mindblowing fanlove:

(Minami Ke‘s Chiaki + 5 years) + Shana’s soul = Taiga Aisaka! I seriously fan-gushed so hard!

Amazing casting once again for a series that is really shaping up to be worthwhile series to keep an eye on. Not to mention we all know JC STAFF won’t freaking slack on the key animation, which makes me happy. As a side note, I heard the manga for this was pretty good.



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FFVII Remake: Killing Us Softly?

02 May 2008


fatestaysmart_avatarChances are, you’ve either seen, heard, or experienced the epic adventure that is Final Fantasy VII. And those of you who have probably also heard about the FFVII PS3 graphics engine demo test that quickly sparked a desire in all of us (yes, even you) for a FFVII remake on the PS3. However, the dreams of such an occurrence were dashed…until I read Kotaku’s recent article about FFVII’s director pondering a FFVII remake. Kotaku closes this article with a good point:

With the remake-happy way Square Enix is going these days, you can bet there’s eventually going to be a FFVII. Reassuring to know that Kitase wants to do it in-house with the original team.

We’ve already seen a few old-school FF remakes, and Square Enix seems to be enjoying their Kingdom Hearts high. Why do you think this is? Because we are now seeing a similar trend that I brought up in my New Slayers Season: Should We Care? article. What we now have are loads of old-school gamers wanting an FF remake, while new-school tweens are pining for more Kingdom Hearts. What I love to see is that not all old-school gamers see the need for a “timeless” classic to be stripped of its vintage value as expressed by a user comment made in Kotaku’s article:

…Why do people want or need a remake so bad? Final Fantasy VII was an excellent JRPG, which is now timeless enough to still be played and enjoyed today even by younger audiences who’ve never even been old enough to play FFVII back in 1997. The game’s popularity is already beyond question, yet people still aren’t satisfied? I’m sorry, but I’ll take some new titles over something I’ve played ten years ago with prettier graphics. The World Ends With you is a beginning sign of Square-Enix trying to be the creative Squaresoft of old again; let’s not take another step backwards.

Am I the only one seeing a slighted contradiction between the last two sentences? Here’s a prime example of a conflicting issue that might reside in many old-school players who long for the Squaresoft days, and yet see no need for the past to be reborn. My [hard] question to you is this:

Do you think Square Enix would become a crowd-pleaser by creating a FFVII remake, or would they really be regressing by remaking an already groundbreaking game?

I look forward to at least one constructive reply, though that might be asking a tad too much. ^_^

A Brief Reiteration of Miku Hatsune

21 April 2008

lazy = image taken from DarkMirage
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fatestaysmart_avatar I’m a pretty big fan of the first of three VOCALOID2 creations, Miku Hatsune (初音ミク), in terms of her physical appearance and moé appeal. So much so that the other day, I started imagining creating my own fan site. However, this so-called fan-gushing was without much regard to her voice in general, as I was under the impression that they were one in the same. After researching some of her songs, however, I decided that I wanted to write something brief about Miku, as I had fallen in love with not just her adorable, post-future style, but with her voice as well.

I have to shamefully admit I was a bit confused about how so users were easily obtaining mixes and generating that content on Nico Nico Douga. It was only until I decided to write this entry that I discovered that Miku isn’t just a computer-generated synthesized voice only accessible by Yamaha, put to an anime-style character. For those in the West who don’t know, the VOCALOID2 series was indeed created by Yamaha and the third-party company, Crypton, but the marketed software, VOCALOID2, uses preset, tuned pitches capable of producing varying tones centered around a particular style given the type of voice. Miku Hatsune is the name given to the J-Pop-type voice used in the VOCALOID2 Character Vocaloid Series. The voice originally belongs to Saki Fujita.

I’m really impressed to find out that Nico Nico Douga was a big contributer to Miku Hatsune’s popularity, and the VOCALOID2 software in general. Without greater fans than me, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy such lovely user-generated mixes that use Miku’s sweet-sounding voice. I wish I had that kind of time and interest on my hands. I do adore the Miku’s character and the “magic” of her voice, so here are a few visual culture sources that I have come across that are all about Miku Hatsune.

Miku Clips

My current favorite song by Miku

NicoNico Vocaloid Animation

Lucky*Star OP w/ Vocaloid CG

Miku Links

Do you like Miku Hatsune (or VOCALOIDs)? Tell us why or why not!

LK’s response to Blu-Ray

08 April 2008

Hey, I know that since we all here believe in sharing our ideas I thought I might as well post my own thoughts on the Blu-Ray system.

Long ago, and even still a little bit now, when the battle between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD was still raging on I was very against the Blu-Ray sytem. Mainly because I’ve been a loyal owner of DVDs and a DVD player since nearly 3 years ago and I was/am afraid that DVD’s won’t be compatible with Blu-Ray system. *owns a very large collection of films on DVD*.


Although , I also have to agree with fatestaysmart about what he has said about how each generation is beaten by the next best thing (VCR lost to DVD, DVD lost to HD DVD, HD-DVD lost to Blu-Ray) and did even when I didn’t want to believe that Blu-Ray would win the fight. As I have accepted that Blu-Ray has won I’ve seen that it’s actually not that bad, It can hold much more space than DVDs can and , of which, means that you space/neat freaks out and about in America can have a nice, clean, small collection of DVD’s. It’ll also probably mean that DVD’s/Blu-Rays will be packed with loads of special features and things that are longer, etc. And movies won’t be so limited to how long they are (Lord of The Rings, etc) and can be.

I’m sure you people who obsess over what systems have the best graphics and sound are in total love with the Blu-Ray right now because of it’s great surround sound/ speaker sound and it’s graphics (or whatever they call it in the electronics industry…).

So, yeah, thanks for reading. And I hope you liked my views on Blu-Ray..! Bai bai