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Nintendo DS Lite: An Unlikely Tale

05 September 2007

My older brother, who is absolutely set on getting an XBox 360, suddenly asked me about my Street Fighter EX plus Alpha PSX game. The question was probably triggered from the song that was playing on my PC when I emerged from my room to grab an iced tea. I told him that when my room was remodeled while I was in Japan for a semester, I found all of my games except for that one, which left me miffed for a few days. I actually played that game to challenge my own limits.

Before I know it, he’s asking me about my taste in current consoles. Since XBox 360 was already mentioned, he asked me about that. I told him I disliked the games for it. Hey, I may not game hard, but I know which audiences consoles are generally catered to. He then asked me if I liked Wii, and I said yes and that I wanted one. Well since he wasn’t about to change his goal about getting an XBox 360, he then did something I don’t think the majority of people would do if they spent $120 on something:

He asked me did I want his “game boy.” More accurately: Nintendo DS Lite. He brought it out of his room and handed it to me, telling me he didn’t want it. I was flabbergasted as I held the rarely played handheld…absolutely giddy, but hiding it well. I confirmed once again if he was serious. He said yeah.

Why am I so happy right now? I have wanted a DS Lite for over half a year, but could never justify shelling out the money to buy one. I don’t use public transportation (I drive), nor do I game like I used to as a child…but I just got a DS Lite FOR FREE! I already have a few game paks that I have honestly wanted to buy, Japanese & US. I have to buy a stylus too, but no matter.

I thanked him with a much subdued composure and told him that he seriously just made my day. Amidst all of this, I have to acknowledge the fact that it has been many years since I really connected with my brother…let alone him doing anything that has made me genuinely happy. This simple gesture may have restarted something that did exist in our younger years: a relationship through gaming.

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  1. 06 September 2007 16:46:40

    Thats awesome. B). Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone will just casually hand me their DS lite in the future and ask me if I wanted it. 😛 I don’t have that kind of luck. ((Anyway, my phat will withhold…it’d just be nice to have one…))

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