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Super Mario Galaxy

10 September 2007

Super Mario Galaxy Logo

Yeah, yeah. Another Super Mario game with another spiffy title (like sunshine…accept now it’s cooler. :P). Accept this one lets you play with a wiimote AND fly around in a bumblebee costume (that just put it at the top of my “To-Get” list).

It’s going to be awesome and it’s going to start up the unique list of Nintendo brand games that have been long awaited by every Wii owner in the world. (other than Metroid) Although it’s going to be awesome I can’t help but worry about how it’s going to stack up with Halo 3 (coming out in just a few weeks, Sept. 25th) even if Halo 3’s going to be released a couple months before hand. And these VG sales really start getting fierce once winter and the holiday season start coming around. Most of you are probably thinking “Meh, Halo has a legion of FPS enthusiasts kissing it’s toes and will most likely be sold out for months on end” This will probably be true but a blogger can dream can’t they? (Anyway the bumblebee costume has got to count for something.)

Other than talking about boring sales in the market I guess I’ll give a summary of the new game(and no this time there isn’t a giant paintbrush >_>). Okay, it starts out with Peach getting kidnapped into space by some unidentified creature, Mario starts another rigorous journey to save the princess. As he travels he explores through bizarre planets of all shapes and sizes (and now his triple jump should be nothing compared to what “close-to-zero” gravity should give him) he’ll also come with an array of new moves from slashing, pointing, poking, etc. with the Wiimote. That is all that I can give you right now on the game. I’ll either A. Update with another post later or B. let you figure it out by spending your precious money on the game. 😛

Super Mario Galaxy

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