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Lucky☆Star Ep.24: Cheerleader Dance & Prediction

16 September 2007

It is a sad day for otakudom. Moetan records the news of the final episode of Lucky Star having aired. However, already a significant clip has hit YouTube. Check it out. It made me sad.

I personally think cheerleading could be fun and passionate with the right people doing it along with you. Lucky Star proves this with the entire cast (minus the adults — though that would have been amusing to see Konata’s father in a cheerleading outfit as he is shameless enough as it is) performing the energetically cute, show-stopping OP theme dance.

I could grab the RAW right now if I wanted (and probably understand the gist of what is said), but I’ll wait for the sub and make a prediction. My prognosis on the episode as a whole is that I want to believe that Lucky Star will go out with a bang like Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu, but I don’t think that’s Lucky Star’s style. Aside from the dance, I predict that it will end like every other episode has — believing that the next school day will come like always.

Despite that thought, I have actually become attached to this series in a way that can be compared to a month of summer camp with complete strangers, and by the end you want to cry because you have to leave them. That’s my feeling for Lucky Star right now, especially in regard to Kuroi-sensei.

I wonder if others feel the same as I do. If you already miss Lucky Star, please read my in-depth postulation of esoteric logic in Lucky Star Eps. 1+22, as applied to Konata Izumi, and share some final love for one of the stars of Lucky Star, Konata. If that’s not enough to get your blood boiling and the tears flowing, take the plunge into BigN’s 24 Questions All About Lucky Star.

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  1. Kou permalink
    17 September 2007 0:17:27

    Lulz, no wai! They actually did the full dance? Wow, that is a lot like Haruhi now…nya, surely Lucky Star is as unique as Haruhi in that respect alone but they definitely do carry some amusing themes most people wouldn’t expect to last or be accepted let alone TWICE in a row. Yay for dancing animu…

    >.< ::purges himself of 4chan:: ugh!!

  2. Avplaya permalink
    18 September 2007 14:21:42

    I hear your pain, and the ending of LS was especially hard for me.

    BTW, Kuroi-sense is not from Kansai.. she just use the accent, for fun maybe. She’s from Kantou and a fan of the Chiba Lotte Marines; no hot-blooded kansai women would be a fans of the Marines or any Kantou team.. they would be Hanshin Tigers fan through and through, just like Haruhi. 🙂

  3. 18 September 2007 16:53:22

    …I didn’t know Haruhi was a Hanshin Tigers fan….*goes to re-watch TMHS*

    Maybe I just need to pay more attention to small discussions and such in episodes…((Accept it’s kinda hard to do that instead of look at Haruhi’s glistening face instead of the text…Oh bother))

    I’m really sad about this….In-fact mourning. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they make a really good Season 2. :3 ((until then we’ve got Haruhi season 2, right?))

  4. 19 September 2007 13:37:57

    AvPlaya: I had missed that little tidbit, though I do vaguely remember seeing that. You are absolutely right about that being the case in regards to taste in baseball teams. I lived in Osaka and the people there indeed said nothing but negative things about the Tigers. Thanks for clearing that up, and your comment! ^^

  5. Avplaya permalink
    19 September 2007 15:00:41

    Well, it was never stated that Haruhi was a Tigers fan, but being born and raised in Nishinomiya City almost defaults you into being a Tigers fan. Plus, it was a Tigers game that one night when she was a 6th grader which gave birth to the whole story.

    Nishinomiya City is considered not just a baseball city, but THE baseball Holy Site in Japan. It’s a city which basically evolves around Koshien Stadium, the oldest and most prestigious stadium in Japan. Although it is Hanshin Tiger’s home stadium, people rever it for the twice a year high school national baseball tournament, in which many baseball stars of today like Ichiro and Matsuzaka made their name in. In Japan, the biggest dream for a boy AND a high school is to be one of the 49 teams representing your prefecture in the Summer Koshien. Winning the Koshien made everyone in the team local heroes.. forever. This is why there’s an baseball episode in Haruhi… Her city is synonymous with baseball.

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