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Open Conversation: The Search For The True Lucky☆Star Ending

19 September 2007

I don’t know about the rest of visual culture otaku fandom, but I was highly disappointed with how the Director, or whomever had the final say, executed the final ending of Lucky Star. I have nothing against Minoru Shiraishi and his playful, shameless antics that took the place of the karaoke endings. However, I do have a problem with them ending the series with him spinning around in an office chair and surveying nature while doing another anime theme song cover (Urusei Yatsura’s “Ai Wa Boomerang” (Beautiful Dreamer)) as the closure to the series. Once again, no gripe against the song, but rather the ending.

I was unable to feel a sense of satisfying closure for the characters (minus Patty) that I had grown so fond of for respective reasons. If nothing else, the ending could have gone back to the traditional karaoke-style and had the characters finish their karaoke session on a high note (I mean that more figuratively than literally) like they had started it. For a series that begun on such a heavy methodology of uncertainty, they could and should have thought this through much more critically for those who have much love for this series.

Enough about my thoughts on this. I want to hear what the rest of Japanese visual culture fandom has to say about this. How do YOU think the ending of final episode of Lucky Star should have played out? If you have an opposing opinion, please share that too.

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  1. Avplaya permalink
    19 September 2007 15:12:22

    I thought it was a great ending, because Yoshimizu wrote the episode and the jokes actually flowed with the story. It’s not a patchwork of 4-koma joke with a loose theme; for the first time, the whole show is about one central theme, and most of the antics, references, and jokes are related to their quest for the perfect cheer dance during the cultural festival. Yoshimizu is a great anime writer, and I have great hope that he will agree to write the entire second season – it’s only fitting.

    I also thought to end the way it did is telling… they didn’t graduate and no teary good-byes. The show didn’t really end. It maybe an hint of a second season; which is why I loved it.

    The Shiraishi ED is okay for two reasons: 1. it’s an old anime reference that’s design to pay tribute to the hard core otaku, and 2. it was filmed mostly in the famous Haunted Forest of Mount Fiji, in which we knew in previous Lucky Channel anime Shiraishi was sent there on a suicide mission. The ED showed that the Seiyuu Shiraishi actually did went to that most feared place in Japan. Brave man.

    I’d give it a 10, but I’m such a huge L*S fan that it’s probably meaningless. 🙂
    All in

  2. 19 September 2007 17:42:46

    I’d have to agree with Fate since I really haven’t been a fan of Seiyuu Shiraishi’s endings for awhile it kinda closed it on a definite low note for me. I’d atleast like to have seen them finish their dance infront of everyone.

    Maybe that is a hint at a second season (I’d really hope so)or maybe they just got lazy and decided to end it with the curtain going up and Shiraishi singing out in the middle of the woods. No one knows..:3

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