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Gundam OO

21 September 2007

GUNDAM 00~~!

As most people know Bandai is planning for yet another Gundam season. Not that there isn’t really anything wrong with that, just as long as it isn’t bad (not saying they usually make anything bad, actually very rarily) I’m fine with getting another awesome series full of giant robots, explosions, and everything else Gundam seasons have brought to the table.

This time the giant robots are going to be featured on our very own, you guessed it, planet Earth. There will be new pilots, new gundams, and new conflicts. It will be taking place 300 years from now in the year 2307, Setsuna F. Seiei is the main character and pilots Gundam Exia, he is apart of a secret Military organization that fights to stop wars all over the world that are erupting like a sickness.
Gundam Exia...!

It’s set to be released in October ’07 (no specific day yet, just October) and will be the first Gundam season to be in High Definition via television. A month before in September (the current month) they’ll also be releasing a Gundam Exia 1/144 figure prior to release. Seiji Mizushima is set to be directing with Sunrise on animation, Yosuke Kuroda will be overseeing writing (helping with the script), and Yun Kouga is creating the original characters while Michinori Chiba is then adapting everything for animation. (6 other artists will be supplying mechanical designs for the series).

I think this series is going to be a hit with the community and going to provide the Gunpla and mech community with some new figures (Gundam Exia 1/144 xP). I also think it’ll be quite a bit more interesting since it’s going to be taking place on Earth for the first time in 12 different seasons(atleast I’m pretty sure it is. :3). So look out for this in the next month or so.

Thanks for reading. ^_^


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  1. Kou permalink
    22 September 2007 13:33:00

    “What the heck-that’s a Mobile Suit-IT’S A GUNDAM!!!!!!!!1111one!!11” ~Classic Line from a Random unlucky pilot

    XD Oh man, new Gundam series always takes me back to GW. Such good stuff. Can’t say I’ve appreciated anything else quite as much as Wing, but there’ve been some good stuff. I really wish I could’ve gotten into Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed: Destiny; it had quite a lot to offer from its wicked mobile suit designs to High and Mighty Color rocking it up every once in a while, but I just couldn’t keep up and before I knew it the sequel season came out X_x

    Nya, this series appears to be very interesting. On Earth you say? Reminds me of Gundam: MS…something…that followed a squad of Gundams on Earth, but this was during a War. I like this because if I have my knowledge of the Gundanium timeline down, this would preceed some of the wars but still be sometime after Mobile Suit: Gundam…still not sure yet though. Either way, it’s a totally different plot to follow in Gundam and proves to look not only promising but even more based on moral ethics than any of the previous series which should in turn come in a package deal with a whole lot of character development! Can’t wait to see.

  2. 24 September 2007 10:45:56

    Ah, a series I’m planning on watching. Thanks for this well-written piece! ^^

    I’m no Gundam buff, but somehow I believe I will find favor with this approach to Gundam. Not only will it be interesting to see (another?) series not directed or written by the original creators, but I’m liking the Gundam model. Reminds me of a mix of the original Gundam that Amuro piloted, the new Zeta Gundam, and Domon Kashu’s God Gundam..

    Now a curious question would be where will the cockpit be..

  3. 24 September 2007 17:34:01

    …I’d hope it’d be somewhere around the head….


    Thanks Kou and Fate for commenting. ^^

  4. 25 September 2007 9:45:48

    00 will air on Oct. 6th, that’s next saturday. Look forward to it! Otanoshimi~

  5. DesiGuNDaM permalink
    01 October 2007 5:36:59

    Cant wait……this episode looks more like a movie then episodes…cuz of the art…….seed was just to colourful…i like this style….not too old not to new (just right) 🙂 the pilots look like they are no pushovers

  6. 04 October 2007 17:07:31

    I agree. This is going to be really serious series with alot of the known violence of previous series’. ((I’m not sure if there is going to be a large thing with romance or not, looking back on Gundam SEED))

  7. 29 August 2010 10:51:03

    This gundam serie is the very best. I cannot forget my 1st time watching Gundam Wing then know about Japanese mobile gundam. Hope to have more wonderful gundam serie within the future

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