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ADV 5-Day Anniversary Websale

24 September 2007
adv anniversary sale

ADVFilms is opening their floodgates even wider with an extension on their ADV 15th year 5-Day Anniversary websale, dropping down prices of everything in stock (anime, manga, live action movies) to as low as 75% off. Hot, new releases, such as AIR Vol. 1 and Welcome to the NHK Vol. 1, are now only $15. The sale ends on Thursday, September 27th.

I highlight AIR and Welcome to the NHK because if I do wind up giving in, those are the two titles I would be purchasing. Both titles are incredible and touching on many visceral levels. I would definitely recommend having both added to one’s collection. I watched the first episode of Innocent Venus, another title that is down to $15. I was pretty impressed with the dubbing and the direction that the anime was headed in terms of character and plot development. So, I would recommend that series also on a very loose, first impression basis.

I don’t usually pimp US licensing companies, but ADV Films was my first real exposure to licensed anime in the U.S. and was the site that got me interested in doing voice acting through an old Dirty Pair interview I read. Heck, they even licensed Byousoku 5 Centimeter. In other words, they deserve it.

The battle of financial common sense versus visual culture otaku bargaining sense rages on…More on why that is the case later.

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