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[UPDATE]: Teen Ax Killer Prefers Guillotines

25 September 2007


Moetron has reported that the final episode of “School Days” will be shown in its entirety tomorrow evening (9/27). Thank goodness. I’ll be skipping Makoto’s guillotine party, as I will finally get to see who done it.

Source: Teen ax killer says she gave her father the ‘guillotine’ over his affairs

Many in Japanese visual culture fandom have heard of the murder that caused the indefinite cancellations of the final episode of School Days and the next episode [12] of Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kai. Though the Higurashi episode has been televised according to Moetron, the news of this killing is still making waves. The sixteen year-old girl responsible for attacking her father with an ax was questioned about her motive. She responded…

“I had been suspicious about my father’s relationships with women for several years. I thought I’d give him the guillotine.”

Well, at least the girl had the right idea in direct relation to the tumult of violent emotions I believe many have had towards the male lead, Makoto Itou, in School Days. I’m sure that there were hundreds of viewers hoping for Makoto’s violent death when all was said and done. In all seriousness though, despite the anticipation of how the series would end (rumors based off of the source H-game have become fairly concrete truths, however), the cancellation of School Days Ep. 12 was a reasonable reaction towards this real life killing. What I do find amusing is the choice of wording the girl uses. I don’t think she was influenced by anime like Higurashi or an ending that has not aired, but perhaps she has been reading too many light novels about the French Revolution.

I really wanted Makoto to see die though. Someone should shop or draw Makoto getting guillotined by Kotonoha, then circulate it around 2ch and 4chan. I think that would satisfy everyone for a time.

Oh, and one more thing. Nice boat.

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