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Thoughts on Live-Action Negima trailer

25 September 2007

Source: Moetron

Fans of the young, determined, and unknowingly charming British magician in training, Negi Springfield (who would obviously be fans of Mahou Sensei Negima) will be overjoyed to hear of a live-action drama series airing on October 3rd. Well…overjoyed if you currently live in Japan…or follow the J-drama scene.

I have to admit to not being a follower of either the original Mahou Sensei Negima nor the remake follow-up Negima?!. After watching the trailer and having seen an episode or two, I’m wondering if maybe I should look into the series, or at least the first DVD of Negima?! The anime isn’t bad and very popular, but just didn’t perk my interest after a few episodes. I suppose I have a limit to how large of a harem cast I can stand fawning over a male lead. Also, because this is anime, I am ignoring the fact that Negi hasn’t even reached puberty yet, while some of the girls appear to be well on their way.

Ironically, it wasn’t the live-action trailer that perked the desire to perhaps give Negima a chance, but a comment over at Moetron that mentioned that the budget for the series appears low. To be honest, I’m not a complete noob to the world of Negima and I wasn’t all that impressed with the trailer. There wasn’t even a sign of Negi’s talking ferret, Camo, or many distinctive hairstyles like for Asuna. Speaking of hair, that wig that Negi actor is wearing is horrendous! I’m going with the thought that the screenplay writer and director wanted the characters of the L-A to be represented and set apart by their personalities rather than their appearances.

Suddenly, I’m starting to agree with that comment…Perhaps Negima should have just stayed immortalized in Akamatsu Ken’s artwork and in anime…?

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