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Fall Anime Watching & Outside Opinions

05 October 2007

With the Fall season of anime having kicked off in Japan today, there might be those wondering what’s good and what’s not. Perhaps this may offer some uncertain viewers some insight, even if they are just opinions. Opinions make the world go ’round!

j1m0ne has blogged what seems to be the first of a series of speed reviews of the airings of the first batch of Fall anime. The only title I was interested in was CLANNAD, but that isn’t “their cup of tea.” A shame really.

Also, according to Doug, there have been a few people claiming that the October anime series are horrible. Perhaps by comparing the speed reviews with what has been claimed, one can form a very lax stance, while picking and choosing. I personally find that the only way to really find out is to go with your gut feeling and watch a few that have a curious title.

As for my Fall watching, take a look at my guilty pleasures to find out what I am looking forward to this Fall season. So far, CLANNAD and Gundam 00 are on my list for October. There are probably more on my list that are airing in October, but I’m too lazy to check directly.

Happy Fall Anime watching!

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  1. 08 October 2007 4:13:29

    As an aside, the snap preview plugin is an awful idea.

    Finding things to watch is hard. I do not even try to chase the current on-air series.

  2. 08 October 2007 9:25:44

    I can always turn that off. Some people like it and some don’t, but it’s mostly useful for when you link images. I’m sort of indifferent and find sporadic use for it.

    Well, I don’t watch any more than 4 or so new series, to be honest. If you aren’t quite sure what to watch yourself, visiting sites that highlight new series might help. Or do what I do and find a name that strikes you and check out the first two episodes. If you do it a few times, it sort of becomes second nature.

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