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A Day In the Life of A Japanese Visual Culture Otaku

06 October 2007

Well…maybe not really, but it is how I lived my life today…and I am a japanese visual culture otaku. So, it works…somehow. Yeah.

Waking up this morning at 9:30AM after an intent vision of how to properly tackle the Initial D Arcade Stage Ver. 3 Akagi course at the arcade at my mall was strange enough as it is. Then again, I have been practicing that course for a while now a few times every Friday or Saturday. The reason why it was strange was because I would think after doing a marathon of the nine-episode anime, REC, last night because I was holding out for the Fall season fansubs, and talking with my lover for almost an hour and a half, I would have more warm and fuzzy thoughts of unconditional, requited love in the morning. That is not to say I did not miss her terribly, but I now wanted to tackle that course while I still had the upper-hand. Unfortunately, it was almost 10AM — it just was not happening in a million years.

After I had freshened up with a shower and such, I immediately removed my sheets from my bed. It had been around…say…three or so weeks since I had washed them, and they needed it…real badly. So, I tossed them in, having mastered the art of laundry well. I hopped onto my computer and did my usual rounds on the net while eating a French Toast pop tart and drinking some OJ from a disposable plastic cup. Before I knew it, it was around noon and my sweetheart had logged on MSN. (All you people who use AIM need to get with the program and see that MSN has way more aesthetics than AIM.) We had a lively, flirtatious chat and then she went off to tend to dishes, leaving me to ponder what the heck I was going to do with the rest of my day.

Knowing that I did have a few things to attend to today — translating more of a manga as a present, using my 25% discount at Borders, and training in Initial D at the arcade — I took my sweet time. A bit after my lover had logged off, I put my sheets and such in the drier, then checked my sources for the CLANNAD Ep. 1 fansub since various people are already blogging about the first episode. Lo and behold, it was available, and I immediately began the torrent. The idea of watching Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kai was also causing my visual culture otaku senses to tingle. (Yes, I did make it through the original Higurashi series — I know what I am in for.) So, having already been aware that the series had begun moving along again, I began the torrent for Ep. 1. Without warning…I then began to feel strangely alone…Lonelier than usual.

I decided to pick up my Nintendo DS Lite and play a little more of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. I had finally passed the final case last night and was now working on the extra case that adds a bit more depth and edge to the Investigation Phase. I am really enjoying it, but I am also glad to have a replacement for Maya. Ema is SO much easier to enjoy visually than Maya, due to the fact that Maya’s fashion sense (though justified) and hair is horrid…but I digress. I only played for about an hour (2-3PM) before I wanted to take a short fifteen minute nap. The pang of loneliness was still irking me in the midst of wondering when my “certified preowned” copy of Tetris DS that I strategically won on eBay last night for $18.50 plus S/H would arrive. I really cannot wait to try Tetris DS on Wi-Fi.

Minutes after I had awoke, my mother called me asking me if I had called. I hadn’t remembered calling her, but I needed to speak with her anyway. I let her know that we needed milk and spray disinfectant, told her I love her, and that was all. I didn’t feel like going to the arcade anymore; I wanted to be with my sweetheart. I decided to fix myself a lackluster lunch of turkey sandwiches and soup, since I was feeling fatigued and would require energy to be able to lift my mattress to make my bed. The food was not appetizing at all, but the deliciousness of CLANNAD compensated. I then set out to make my bed, having been unable to smile for a good reason all day, save with my lover.

Twenty minutes later, I was at a crossroad. I did not have the desire to drive, or be alone anywhere in public. However, my 25% discount was going to expire after tomorrow…and I needed an excuse to economically use the last bit of gas in my car before filling it up for next week…so I went. I was still undecided on what I was going to use the coupon on.

At the arcade, my runs on Initial D weren’t bad at all. I battled someone who I knew was just playing for fun and just barely won with my black Honda Integra Type R. I then went on to race the AI at Akagi Downhill in the rain and somehow won. I blame the morning vision. XD I put in another dollar and did the final Akagi race against Keisuke Takahashi and lost, as expected. I wound up battling a card user of a red Skyline and lost at Akagi as well. I only play 3-4 rounds on average, and 2W-2L was a new record for me. I impatiently awaited my one turn for playing ITG and lost on my second song. ::shrugs:: Yeah, I really didn’t care, and got pissed at some kid who thought that he could just continue my game without my consent. With my USB Jump Drive still in the machine, he was prolonging my departure. Thankfully, another obnoxious kid there that I’m not fond of saw where I was coming from and backed me up, while asking why I had lost. That was different.

Borders was next. I was distracted by a calender of cats that I will eventually buy for my lover’s mother for Christmas, but wound up in the manga section as always. I didn’t want to purchase a new series or just any manga that I wanted to read. So, I went with the last book I will be buying for a while; a great one at that: DelRey’s Train Man novel. Saved $3.49 on a $13.95 book, and officially have no reason to buy anything more from Borders until I finish the books I have. I take that back…I just saw that have a 30% off coupon…that I will use for that Christmas gift.


I arrived home to an empty apartment around 7:30PM. I saw that my Higurashi torrent was complete and was going to watch it before I decided that I wanted to write about my day mildly peculiar day. I only wish I had started the second one before I had started typing this almost an hour ago.

In the mean time, I really need to get with the program if I am ever going to see any of my ideas in the manga section of Borders…No matter how many times I come to that conclusion, I notice I have not touched my story in months. Hm…priorities, priorities. One would think that having hikkikomori tendencies would help. Anyway, time to watch Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kai before my lover calls.

Are you into japanese visual culture? What is/was one of your days like?

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  1. Kou permalink
    08 October 2007 8:12:14

    As Leanne May Say “Way to go, Dork” XD

    Still, congrats on Pheonix Wright and other video game achievments. Challenges like those keep our love of gaming alive and well ^_^

    Hopefully I can catch up to you (wait, who am I kidding) or at least jump the band wagon with you once again in terms of anime. Maybe not now but most definitely following the closing of this semester. See ya around, Otaku-dork, just don’t let it get to you too much

  2. 08 October 2007 9:19:21

    Thanks, Kou. I really don’t know what is with me and games lately. I suppose I had forgotten how much fun Nintendo used to be for me, let alone the simplicity of a handheld system. Finding out that Chessi is also playing her old 1-Player favorites, I have come to the conclusion that her and I should get a Wii one day.

    Anyway, we will just have to see what happens with you and watching anime. We are both busy and taken up in some manner (not so much on the weekends for me, but whatever) so…I don’t really bother saying “oh you should watch this with me” anymore. I’m turning seemingly reclusive for a reason, you know.

    See you around and thanks for commenting.

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