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Manganovel: A Global Interactive Solution For Manga-Readers

10 October 2007

fatestaysmart_avatarmanganovel logo

Press Release: World’s First Interactive Japanese Manga Web Service Creates Community of ”Reader-Translators”

The recently established company owned by Toshiba Corporation, Manganovel, offers readers an opportunity download and translate Japanese manga into their respective language at the cost of a tankoubon purchase in Japan (around $4-$5). Those who submit a translation using Manganovel’s Viewer application can make it available for free, or for 2% of the manga’s original price. Choosing the latter enables those reader-translators to receive up to 50% of the royalties of those who download the entire manga with the Translated data submitted. Registration is free, and there are free manga to whet your appetite if you are not interested in translating.

manove fullbodyPretty awesome deal if you ask me. If anyone needs more incentive than simply being able to watch anime without subtitles, this is a good time to dust off that Japanese textbook and make use of those flashcards you made when self-teaching sounded like a good idea. Easy money for indulging in the media you love while increasing Japanese proficiency? Why the heck not?!

I can really see this going places within the many manga licensing companies within the US and Europe. However, with all the legalities involved with organizing the proper rights to those who have spent time to offer accurate translations — that is, if licensing companies actually trust and use an outsider’s translation — I believe that this proper integration is still a while away. Manganovel could and should very well stand on its own over time, but I highly doubt that, at the very least, those licensing companies will ignore yet another method to determine what consumers of manga are interested in reading based on a title’s downloaded statistics and reviews. Now all we need is a subsidary of Manganovel called Animevisual™ that incorporates a similar business model of exchange, allowing registered users to download High-Definition raw anime for a reasonable price, have a Viewer application that allows them to easily input customized subtitles, then reupload it back for people to watch, and possibly make a few bucks for their efforts. That would be epic.

One more thing. Does anyone else see a heavy facial resemblance to Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura in Manganovel’s mascot, Manove? I mean, even her hairband looks like the head of her Clow Wand. I wonder if CLAMP knows about this. Teehee. On a completely related note, I really like her shoes.

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