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Lucky☆Star Adult Film Released (OMGWTF!)

20 November 2007

fatestaysmart_avatarKotaku reports that the anticipated(?) Lucky Star adult parody film, Kira Suta has been prereleased three days in advance in Osaka’s Den-Den Town, a place that I have fond, yet gradually blurred memories of. What I find disturbing about all of this perversion surrounding Lucky Star is why an adult film had to be made when there are tons of doujinshi focused around the obviously moe-inclined characters of the series. I would think that visual culture otaku of the NSFW kind would prefer doujin fantasies rather than actual porno. However, I could be wrong, seeing as how even Genshiken‘s Madarame admitted to owning “real” porn. Wouldn’t that take all the moe out of it? Well, maybe not if it were starring Aya Hirano and Yuko Goto

…but seriously. Let’s not go there.

Source: Hot Tears of Shame: Adult Lucky Star Twinkles Out Early

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  1. Kou permalink
    25 November 2007 2:07:48

    oh goodness…x___x

    hey, don’t surprised…ever tried searching for “cosplay” on limewire? Yea…<_< lots of that stuff pops up ^^;

  2. Chessi permalink
    30 November 2007 12:03:45


    HEY! Quit giving him ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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