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Hatsune Miku Nendoroid + Caramell Dansen

17 February 2008

fatestaysmart_avatarI really have to apologize for my last entry about the “singing seiyuu.” I really don’t know what planet I was on at the time I decided to write that, but it seems I had a massive disconnect between my otaku nature and the stresses of living life, as it were. I also have to admit that I have been slacking tremendously on my seiyuu following recently, which also hindered my ability to distinguish the many seiyuu who do sing many songs, while not singing many OP or ED themes. That is where the source of my disconnect lies. I appreciate the comments I received though. They really woke me up and brought some clarity back to my foggy, work-induced mind. Thanks guys.

Well enough about that!

Danny Choo blogged a few days back about a Hatsune Miku Nendoroid Dance that is probably the cutest otaku-related thing I have seen in a while. Thought I would share it with anyone who may have missed it.

As many commentators agreed, the last bit of this video is OMGMOEGUSH! or something to that effect, but the whole thing is really wonderfully animated in CG and paints Hatsune Miku, as well as the other Vocaloid singers, in an even more adorable light. I don’t have much a thing for nendoroid models myself, but I really enjoyed this.

For those, like me, who really liked the song at the end of the video (Caramell – “Caramelldansen [Speedycake remix]”) and want the full version, I did some further YouTube searches and found a nicely put together AMV-like production using the acclaimed anime dance routine “Hare Hare Yukai”. I have been looping this song every so often on YouTube because it’s THAT addicting. Ironically, an online friend of mine recently recommended me to listen to Swedish techno while designing.


Atama Ga Warui Question: Do you like nendoroid models?

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  1. zqube permalink
    17 February 2008 17:11:25

    ya, that Carmelldansen fad/meme is starting to die down now on nico nico douga

  2. 24 July 2008 17:34:28

    Five months later and the meme is still going strong! So much for about to die down… Personally I think its very annoying by now and I hope it dies for good soon.

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