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Anime Blu-Ray Disks: A Half-Year Later…

24 March 2008

*illustration designed by me @ EtherFuture Designs*

fatestaysmart_avatarAt my main blog, I was posed with a simple question regarding my stance towards the “format battle” by an individual who had read my past editorial, Next-Gen Multimedia: Thoughts on Anime on Blu-ray:

“Well blu-ray is in the lead and alot has been done since this post. So whats your aspect now?”

I felt compelled to respond, using bits of knowledge and updates I had picked up over the course of a little over a half-year. Surprisingly, it didn’t take me much time to conjure a short, concise reply, referencing past instances of societal adaptations mingled with my own speculation.

Just as before, I don’t claim to know everything there is to know about this topic. So if you share an opposing opinion or have more to add, feel free to share without any childish bashing. That is the creed this blog, Atama Ga Warui, stands by anyway.

This is how my comment read:

Thank you for asking.

My stance now is that as with any advance in technology, the DVD format will gradually, but most certainly, be replaced by Blu-Ray in a similar fashion that VHS was replaced by DVD. Prices for Blu-Ray players probably are going to mellow out over the next one or two years or so, but this will mainly be in response towards how rapidly the normalization of HD technology in households spreads.

In relation to anime, big-name companies like Bandai Visual are already delaying releases to in response to the lead Blu-Ray is taking. DVD production of anime will be reduced significantly as production companies adjust their business model, but not completely fazed out until an estimated half-decade. I surmise that by that time, HDTV would have made a major footprint in how viewers access their media, while there will still be some reluctant to change until technology and media has been spurred on so far ahead that they MUST adapt (e.g. think about our transition from Dial-Up to Broadband).

I’ve already shared what I thought, and now think, about the format battle, but there are still a few possibilities in what sort of business model anime production companies will take with the power that Blu-ray offers. What do you think Blu-ray disks could and should offer you in your viewing experience in the years to come?

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  1. helen permalink
    29 July 2008 3:16:43

    It’s all about the price, buddy, all about the price

  2. 13 April 2009 9:55:22

    Very nice information. Great Anime Community just Bookmarked this cool place. Thanks for the Info cheers and loves


  1. Anime Blu-Ray Disks: A Half-Year Later…

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