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CABAL Online: The Revolution of Action

25 March 2008

Time and time again people have drawn me back to trying out Cabal Online. I expected another generic level grinding MMO, but I was pleasantly surprised with the interface. After loading up the client and logging in, you’re greeted with a fairly simple yet fair quality character creation, something that I always look for in an RPG.

There are six available classes: Warriors who focus on power and use a single broadsword, Bladers who dual-wield swords for more rapid attacks, Wizards who focus on magic, they also have a fairly nice backstory, Force Archers, who power “Astral Bows” with magic, Force Shielders, who use magic to manifest a shield in their left hand and attack with a shortsword in their right hand, and finally, Force Bladers, who use both a shortsword and use offensive magic to attack as well.

After character creation you’re thrown into the game rather suddenly, though the starter quest does help. For a while you end up running around completing quests before being able to kill anything at all. The players around you aren’t very helpful, and there is always a bot spamming links to a scam to get free cash-shop currency.

The combat itself is rather interesting. It isn’t just click and you auto-attack until the creature dies, but rather you can mix different attacks to form unique combination attacks. Instead of gaining experience by killing a monster, every time you strike a monster you gain experience. It not only stops people who enjoy “ninja killing”, but also makes it more realistic when talking about combat experience. Each different type of combat your character can participate in has its own experience bar that builds up from using skills in that category. Such as for a Force Blader, using Impact Stab will build up your experience with swords, and using Magic Arrow will build up experience with magic.

The game also has a unique map and GPS system, where by doing various quests you gain maps to other areas. Also a dungeon system reminding me of the .hack series. Dungeons have unique area codes, like the beginner dungeon you get sent to for a practice skill test is Hopeless Green Despair, which really hinted at a .hack reference. The dungeons are accessed through the Warp Gate, which is pretty much an area that lets you access one of the many different regions in the game. You can go to any region at any time, though you won’t be able to use your map at all unless you have a Map Code for that area, which you can get through quests.

Overall the game is fairly original. The presentation isn’t as good as it could have been, but the gameplay itself is entertaining. The community also isn’t that bad, though they aren’t all that helpful on the more populated channels. If you enjoyed Perfect World, you’ll want to give Cabal a try.

Some screenshots demonstrating a few aspects of the game.

Character Creation Combat

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  1. Eddy Wu Chaney permalink
    26 November 2008 0:24:03

    Cabal Private servers are out :O

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