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LK’s response to Blu-Ray

08 April 2008

Hey, I know that since we all here believe in sharing our ideas I thought I might as well post my own thoughts on the Blu-Ray system.

Long ago, and even still a little bit now, when the battle between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD was still raging on I was very against the Blu-Ray sytem. Mainly because I’ve been a loyal owner of DVDs and a DVD player since nearly 3 years ago and I was/am afraid that DVD’s won’t be compatible with Blu-Ray system. *owns a very large collection of films on DVD*.


Although , I also have to agree with fatestaysmart about what he has said about how each generation is beaten by the next best thing (VCR lost to DVD, DVD lost to HD DVD, HD-DVD lost to Blu-Ray) and did even when I didn’t want to believe that Blu-Ray would win the fight. As I have accepted that Blu-Ray has won I’ve seen that it’s actually not that bad, It can hold much more space than DVDs can and , of which, means that you space/neat freaks out and about in America can have a nice, clean, small collection of DVD’s. It’ll also probably mean that DVD’s/Blu-Rays will be packed with loads of special features and things that are longer, etc. And movies won’t be so limited to how long they are (Lord of The Rings, etc) and can be.

I’m sure you people who obsess over what systems have the best graphics and sound are in total love with the Blu-Ray right now because of it’s great surround sound/ speaker sound and it’s graphics (or whatever they call it in the electronics industry…).

So, yeah, thanks for reading. And I hope you liked my views on Blu-Ray..! Bai bai

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  1. 08 April 2008 20:47:43

    Yet another LK?! I know I’m slowpoke.jpg on this one, but… SHOCK!!!


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