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Basquash! Amazing, yet subtle

06 July 2009

I am loving Basquash! a lot right now. It’s actually one of my top Spring anime that I’m legitimately following closely. Despite the obvious Nike advertising, similar to Code Geass’s less-than-subtle Pizza Hut advertising/sponsoring, Basquash does it in a way that doesn’t make you say “Oh it’s a walking Nike ad”. Personally, the integration doesn’t seem nearly as awkward as C.C. having a string of cheese connecting her mouth to the pizza.


Seriously though, if you aren’t watching Basquash! you are missing out on some of the better carefully scripted plotlines and character development that have hit the scene within 2009. This compliments the series perfectly for an anime about basketball-wielding, hoop-de mechs playing a most uncouth (but highly entertaining), anything-goes mixture of dodgeball and rugby with a basketball hoop. Most certainly one of the more shockingly quality 2D/3D animated series that probably isn’t getting much attention from the fandom, but should be.


For the record, I don’t even follow sports.


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