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***updated 12/22/10***

I. What does “atama ga warui” mean?

Literally, it means “a head that’s bad.” Properly translated, it means “not intelligent.”

II. Why “Atama Ga Warui”?

I thought it would be amusing to have a humbling title for this blog. Plus, otaku are self-deprecating anyway. I also wanted something that could hint at a friendly discussion of Japanese visual culture (the otaku side) without using the word “otaku” or “visual culture” in the name.

III. Why did you [re]start this blog?

My initial reason for creating “Atama Ga Warui” came from the need to split my hobby life from my professional life. Over the years, that has proven to be the best course of action. The reboot of this blog is detailed in this post.

IV. What is the purpose of this blog?

Atama Ga Warui exists to freely share and exchange information and opinions on various topic matter encompassing the ebb and flow of Japanese visual culture as it applies to and influences the otaku community.

V. Should I literally expect unintelligent entries here?

By no means will I say there will not be “unintelligent entries” here. That is not to say that I consider myself intelligent. I want to understand this subculture, as well as those within it, in a deep, thoughtful way. Exchanging and engaging in ideas, opinions, and interests with others is what makes this subculture thrive & remain vibrantly varied. I’m not here to bash anyone’s point of view. I hope to receive that same respect in return.

VI. How often will this blog be updated?

I really can’t promise anything. To be blunt, I don’t want to promise anyone anything. I write for myself, for free, and out of my individual enjoyment and appreciation for Japanese visual culture whenever I am inspired to. Your best bet is that if you like it here, get the RSS feed or follow me on Twitter.

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